Web business consultants

Web Business Consultants

About the Internet Marketing Engine

At the Internet Marketing Engine, our specialty is the application of sound marketing and business principles to web businesses.

Our founder and CEO, Pete McNamara, has been involved in business, large and small, for over 33 years in a management or consulting capacity, in Australia and the USA. Ten years ago he became involved with the Internet and established and built a highly successful web business. He has now established the Internet Marketing Engine to assist companies improve the performance of their web businesses.

Our main office is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and we also operate from Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at certain times of the year.

What we do:

  1. create online stores that are successful
  2. significantly improve the success of existing online stores
  3. help you better promote your web business, yet at a low cost
  4. show you how to manage your web site better so as to minimize future operating and development costs
  5. help you spend less time on administration and more time on marketing
  6. help you improve profitability
  7. make sure you are best analyzing the wealth of information available about visitors to and customers of, your site
  8. help you successfully apply the information learned from your visitor and customer analysis, to your web business, to increase sales and profits
  9. make sure your site is enticing to visitors and user friendly
  10. make sure your site is search engine friendly
  11. analyze your competition and help you better compete

We also offer additional marketing services to drive more visitors to your web site giving you major advantages over your competition.

Contact us for more information about this and other marketing assistance.

Our aim is for you to maximize the returns from your web investment.

Our strengths:

  1. Extensive experience in the financial services (including merchant & investment banking, stockbroking), retailing, packaging, agribusiness, manufacturing, food processing, professional services, automotive and IT services industries.
  2. Ability to be able to determine and effectively communicate the strategy, which will maximize the success of the web business, to both business executives and their web designers.
  3. Extensive experience in the North American and Australasian markets.

The principals of the Internet Marketing Engine have been successful in the sales and marketing business since 1971 and have established their own thriving web businesses, utilising well thought out marketing strategies.

Like any other business, Internet businesses need to be marketed. This requires marketing, not design, skills and experience. Ours includes:

  • information technology
  • software,
  • communications
  • food and general packaging
  • food (fresh and processed)
  • agribusiness,
  • food industry supplies
  • transport
  • financial services
  • commercial banking
  • investment banking
  • stockbroking
  • trust companies
  • investment managers
  • motor vehicles automobiles (passenger car, truck, 4wd and other off road)
  • agricultural and earthmoving equipment
  • machinery parts
  • aircraft components
  • retailing
  • wholesaling
  • real estate property development 

We tell you what you need to know - concisely and candidly. We appreciate just how different it is to be the decision maker in a company as compared to being an outsider dispensing advice. We understand. Our advice reflects this.

We provide quality, pragmatic business management consulting services to business. The Internet Marketing Engine team has extensive experience in a wide range of industries in international markets such as Australia, Canada, Pacific Rim countries, the UK and the USA.

Internet Marketing Engine - Web business consultants to small & mid-size organizations
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