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Pay per Click Advertising Bid Management

To successfully manage bids, in a Pay per Click online advertising campaign, a tool is required to enable real time bid management, in which the following issues are addressed:

  • Report frequency - eg hourly
  • Current ranking, by keyword phrase, by PPC engine
  • Competitive bids, by keyword phrase, by PPC engine
  • Remaining budget (account balance), by PPC engine

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There are a range of tools, provided either as an online service or as software installed and run from your own computer, available to successfully manage bids in a PPC campaign. We can help you choose the right tools or services, for the job. Here are some of them:

Bid Management Services

  • Atlas OnePoint - Recommended. More features than competitors, including bid gap eliminator. Ideal for exceedingly competitive terms. However, most sites don't need all these features and for them, competitive products (below) represent better value. Supports Google Adwords.

Bid Management Tools

Note: These tools run on your PC thus can only operate when your PC is on and connected to the Internet.

  • Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer - Recommended. Lacks features necessary for exceedingly competitive terms (eg smallest rank check time frame is one hour) but very well priced. Good value for most websites.
  • BidRank - Recommended. More features and (considerably) more expensive than Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer but less expensive and less features than GoToast.
  • PPC Pro - Recommended. Similar pricing and features to BidRank but also includes automatic bid gap eliminator.
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