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Steps to Successful Campaign Management

Pay per Click Advertising Campaign Management

Online advertising is different from traditional print media in that response can be measured in real time and significantly greater performance data is available. To make best use of online advertising, a comprehensive approach to campaign management is required.

We can help with:

1. Campaign Preparation

  • Developing an initial targeted keywords list
  • Determining the level of competition
  • Estimating campaign clicks and costs
  • Choosing optimal keywords
  • Choosing the best negative keywords
  • Setting, by keyword phrase, by PPC engine:
    • Budget - maximum dollar spend
    • Minimum bid
    • Maximum bid
    • Bid increment
    • Frequency of competitive bid analysis (bid changing).
  • Writing copy that maximizes clickthroughs from targeted searchers

2. Bid Management

3. Tracking and Analysis of Responses

Reporting, for analysis with more sophisticated tools (see campaign management):

  • ROI tracking codes
  • Visitors sent
  • Cost of visitors

4. Improving Effectiveness, by regular fine tuning, based on real time Campaign Analysis:

Campaign analysis

Analyze, by campaign:

  • No. of visitors
  • No. of visitors who purchased
  • Conversion rates of visitors into customers
  • Sales revenue generated by each campaign
  • No. Of visitors each campaign brought to the site
  • No. of visitors who purchased
  • Cost per visitor
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Revenue per visitor who purchased

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