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A comprehensive understanding of customer needs, wants and behavior is essential to website success yet few businesses undertake effective detailed research and analysis. This may be due to a mistaken assumption that web customers are similar to bricks and mortar customers. They differ as follows:

  1. a large number of competitive suppliers is instantly available to web buyers - if they don't like something about your site or your products, they leave in an instant. Bricks and mortar buyers will tolerate more due to the hassle and time cost of driving to an alternative location
  2. web customers demand fast responses - customer queries or orders via the web must be given at least the same priority as those made by telephone or face to face. The natural response is to give priority to telephone and face to face enquiries and orders (the squeaky wheel gets the oil). This endangers the success of a web business
  3. web customers research your products and company better than bricks and mortar customers who tend to wait and to speak to a salesperson. They are far more knowledgeable than bricks and mortar customers
  4. web customers really resent their time being wasted. Maximizing their time in your site may be your objective (it shouldn't be) but minimizing their time in your site is their objective
  5. they have strong concerns about privacy and security of Internet transactions.
  6. web buyers mostly live outside of the town(s) where you have your bricks and mortar premises. You are dealing with national and international buyers - not ones who live within a 5 mile (8k) radius of your existing premises.

Undertaking both website customer behavior and needs research (i.e. those who buy something whether online or through your bricks and mortar locations) and website visitor behavior and needs research (i.e. those who visit the site and do not buy) is essential for success.

We can help you improve your understanding of your customers and increase sales.

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