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Combining visitor and customer analysis provides comprehensive e-commerce web analytics i.e. marketing statistics, so that the return on investment, or ROI, of every marketing campaign can be precisely measured and traffic from various sources, correlated with sales results.

Here are details of four of the top web analytics packages:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essentially a free version of Urchin (see below). It cannot be used for content behind a security firewall or on an intranet or internal network - for that you would use Urchin, which currently is only provided as part of Webhosting packages. Google Analytics provides comprehensive statistics and integrates directly with your Adwords account. It traces transactions to campaigns and keywords, provides loyalty and latency metrics, and identifies your revenue sources.


ClickTracks employs a tagging system to identify all users meeting a certain criterion, and follow them throughout the site. Allows comparison of one group's behavior to another to determine the effectiveness of a particular search engine or ad campaign. Assists you to understand how visitors interact with your web site, whatever its purpose: e-commerce, content or intranet.


Unica provides two editions of web analytics solutions for varying needs: Affinium NetInsight, for enterprise-class web analytics, and NetTracker, for small and medium businesses or internal sites. NetTracker imports log files into an embedded database (Professional & Enterprise editions) or an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database (eBusiness Edition) then creates summary reports that allow users to drill down and query the database to analyze individual visitor clickstream data and to create customized reports, without reprocessing the log files. Includes individual visitor clickstream analysis, identification of visitors by name, e-mail, phone, etc., profiling, campaign analysis, ROI Analysis, advanced visitor segmentation analysis.


Urchin was purchased by Google last year. It is a high-performance web analytics application which combines log file analysis with e-commerce analysis. Allows true ROI assessment for keyword buys and other online advertising - view all of Urchin's reports in terms of actual dollars spent on your site. Fast: processes a 1-gigabyte log file in about 10 minutes -- including reverse DNS lookup! (500mhz P-III/FreeBSD/U2W). Browser-based reports including referrals, search engine keywords, and click-through visitor navigation reports. Precise revenue reporting in conjunction with normal web traffic analysis. Exportable data feature allows users to export any report in tab-seperated form for use in database and spreadsheet applications for further analysis. Highly scalable.

Urchin 5 is currently only available through Webhosts - i.e. part of a hosting package. However, Urchin 6 is due out later this year and may be available independantly of Webhosts.

Web Trends Intelligence Suite

E-commerce analysis and log file analysis. WebTrends Intelligence Suite is an all-in-one web analytics solution. Interpret user experience, determine marketing effectiveness, understand self-service needs and analyze e-commerce performance.

Captures visitor behavior from your web site, then combines it with actual customer information from sales/service touch points and databases enterprise-wide. Merges the patterns, preferences and buying habits of virtual visitors with those of actual customers. Enables data mining. Evaluate campaigns by the number of leads and by tracking which leads actually became customers, with the ability to target the leads that didn't purchase. Measure the response and watch it improve with every cycle. Marketing managers can implement automated e-mail campaigns right from their desktops. Provides 350 predefined tables and graphs, including cost per visit, cost per customer, and Return On Investment (ROI). Complete customer contact management.
Cost: Variable.

We can assist you in choosing the appropriate e-commerce, e-commerce statistics and log file analyzer package to best suit your marketing analysis needs. Contact us, now.

These packages allow you to correlate visitor behavior with customer behavior, providing exceptional marketing analysis.

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