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Web Site Evaluation Packages

Basic Web Site Evaluation is an analysis of the site and its building blocks.  It includes examination of whether:

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  • The site makes a good first impression
  • The home page encourages visitors to go further into your site
  • Your site is reasonably cross browser compatible
  • Your HTML code validates to W3C guidelines
  • Your CSS validates to W3C guidelines
  • Screen resolution targeting is satisfactory
  • There are broken links
  • Navigation is easy to follow
  • Attractiveness of the graphic design
  • Technology has been used appropriately
  • Information can be easily found
  • There are usability concerns
  • Your site creates an impression of trustworthiness
  • Usage of language, spelling and grammar is satisfactory

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Standard Web Site Evaluation includes all of the Basic Evaluation, plus an analysis of key marketing factors.  It includes the following:

  • Identification of site features or code unfriendly to search engine robots
  • Identification of navigation features which will improve search engine
  • Inbound and outbound link analysis
  • Identification of opportunities for improved search engine marketing, including PPC and PFI
  • Search engine ranking analysis - i.e. where your site ranks, in search engine results
  • Examination of a representative log file or site statistics to determine how visitors arrived at your site
  • Check actual traffic against targeted keyword phrases
  • Identification of potential improvements to search engine marketing
  • Assessment of whether your site communicates the brand image you seek
  • Assessment of site's ability to achieve it's top three objectives (you specify the objectives)

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Comprehensive Web Site Evaluation includes all of the Standard Evaluation plus evaluation of your web site to determine how it meshes with your company's current marketing goals and includes the following:

  • Log file analysis or analysis of site statistics maintained by host (brief)
  • Analysis of PPC or PFI statistics (brief)
  • Analysis of E-commerce statistics (brief)
  • Identification of fixable reasons for customers leaving your site (eg pop-up menus)
  • Brief examination of two competitive websites
  • Identification of high potential link partners
  • More detailed Brand analysis - how site is affecting customers' perception of your brand
  • Recommendations as to improved reporting and making better use of statistics
  • Usability analysis
  • More detailed analysis of the purchase process including shopping cart abandonment
  • Campaign performance measurement
  • Assessment of visitor-to-customer conversion and identification of potential improvements
  • Assessment of customer relationship management methods
  • Assessment of repeat sales and identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Identification of potential areas for trimming web business operating costs

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