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Been wiped out by Google in the latest update?

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Google has made extensive changes to its algorithm over the past year or so.

One of the big changes was the introduction of stemming (which has been used for years by other search engines). Previously, Google used only exact match. eg a person conducts a search for "building contractors". With exact match, the words "building" and "contractors" only, are considered in providing results. With stemming, any one word from each of the following two groups, would be considered in providing results:

1. build, building
2. contract, contractor, contraction

Under this scenario, the number of possible matches is likely to be some multiple of the matches under an exact match eg Google may have found 2 million pages under the exact match but now finds 4 million under stemming. So your page is now competing for attention against many more pages - maybe twice or more, as many.

They also have implemented a version of the "Hilltop Algorithm" and are using cluster analysis.  Other significant changes have been made to the importance of link anchor text, the value of reciprocal links and affiliate links.

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If your site has quality content and it vanished for your key search terms then talk to us about developing a strategy for the new Google. They may be making many adjustments, but one thing is for sure - the "new Google" is here to stay. Contact Internet Marketing Engine to increase your Google traffic.

If you are seeking those high rankings promised by others, be aware that there are no magic magic short cuts that will work, over the medium term.  Magic short cuts are generally soon penalized. Penalization can mean a death warrant in respect of the success of your site. 

The Internet is like the bricks and mortar world - easy pickings are few and far between.  Success is gained over the medium to long term and only by hard work. Google's objective isn't to help you, it is to help their users. Adopting a strategy which helps both your site and Google, is one that will achieve success over the long term. Such a strategy requires a lot of work.

If you are trying to succeed by through aggressive search engine optimization tactics, then be prepared to incur severe damage on a regular basis.  We don't employ aggressive optimization techniques - we optimize for the long term success of your business.

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