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"We have all the business we need and don't want any more". Ever heard that expressed by a business? In thirty years I haven't. Yet many businesses with fundamentally flawed websites fail to recognize they have a problem or even when they do, fail to do anything about it. It reminds me of pedestrians who step onto the road only looking at the traffic travelling in one direction. I guess their rationale is that if they can't see the car bearing down on them from the other direction then it won't hit them. An "if I can't see a problem, then there isn't a problem" approach to life.

Addressing problems can result in increases in targeted traffic, an improved closing ratio and an increase in sales dollars per visitor.

What are some of these problems?

1. Failure to maximize targeted traffic from search engines and directories:

  • Poor ranking in search engines for terms that targeted visitors would likely use in a search for your business. No-one finds your site.
  • Poor descriptions in those search engine listings you do have. Few people click on the link because it doesn't appear interesting.

2. Failure to maximize the conversion of visitors into customers and/or maximize sales to customers:

  • Website usability issues such as non-intuitive navigation and too many clicks required from the home page to the "business end" of the site
  • Slow pages - visitors get tired of waiting and leave
  • Information the visitor is expecting to see is not provided
  • Ability to conduct business is not easy

As the cost of fixing most of these problems is a fraction of the investment they have made in their site, you would think they would wish to fix the problems immediately. But they don't.

You should have people unfamiliar with your website evaluate it on a regular basis. This can provide valuable information regarding areas which could be improved.

Another solution is to employ the services of an expert web marketing consultant, who can evaluate your site and help you make your site a winner.

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