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Meeting the Needs & Expectations of Users

To maximize repeat sales, a web site must meet the continuing needs of its users.

Unfortunately, many corporate web sites appear to be designed to meet the needs of their managers. A web site is not just another sales channel. Websites which don't produce the expected results are probably not meeting the continuing needs of their users.

Problems include:

  1. sites designed around the bricks and mortar corporate structure (products, services, brands, and distribution channels) instead of around the unique features of the Internet
  2. bandwidth hogging "cool" features and site structures that irritate the very customers the site is attempting to attract
  3. confusing layouts.

A web site also must be kept up to date and interesting to its users, on a continuing basis. It is not enough to just build a web site and review it's performance every three months. Market conditions change rapidly so a site and it's market must be continuously monitored and appropriate changes made.

The Internet Marketing Engine can assist you to:

  1. keep abreast of market changes including changes to competitive sites
  2. identify areas where your site does not meet the continuing needs of your users
  3. experience your site as your visitors do
  4. meet the needs of your site visitors and exceed their expectations
  5. identify and implement site improvements with the most favorable cost/benefit ratios
  6. structure and implement a program of continuous site monitoring and improvement
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