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Choosing a log file analyzer

Web Server Log File Analysis

In our view, some of these web server log file analysis programs are very significantly better value than others. Whilst as a general rule compromises have to be made with cheaper and free log file analyzers, it is worth noting that some of the most expensive are more difficult to use and worse, provide less information in less useful formats, than the cheaper analyzers.


Analog is a free analyzer providing limited information. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, and other useful information. Very limited search term and search engine traffic analysis.
Cost: Free.

Funnel Web

Statistical analysis and profiling of web site usage from any web server and operating system. Fifty reports including website visitor and traffic analysis, server load, referrals, visitor demographics and marketing ROI. Track every click made throughout a user session using the Client Click Stream analysis feature. Simple to install and use - just drag and drop your log file onto Analyzer.
Cost: Analyzer is priced per physical server for internal use. Funnel Web Analyzer 4.0 Boxed:$495 Electronic:$445. Pricing Details


NetTracker imports log files into an embedded database (Professional & Enterprise editions) then creates summary reports that allow users to drill down and query the database to analyze individual visitor clickstream data and to create customized reports, without reprocessing the log files.
Cost: NetTracker 5.5 Professional: Single Site $495 / Support Agreement: $195
Multiple Sites: Start at $995 Pricing Details


Unlimited log file sizes, advanced filters, html report templates, unzips compressed log data, reads log files from remote servers, domain lookups. Statistical reports: daily activity, last visitors hostnames domains countries; file requests file types directories; hourly summary monthly summary; authenticated users; search engine spiders; most accessed webpages least accessed webpages; entry pages exit pages; paths through site; webbrowsers; operating systems; search engine keywords; referer pages; server status codes.
Cost: USD$99.00. Pricing details


Powerful, hierarchical web server log file analyzer that runs on every major platform. Easy to setup and use. Retain all log data in just one file for fast, on the fly analysis. Unlimited log file sizes - even really huge datasets (gigabytes of log data) can be browsed in real time. Sawmill stores statistics in an optimized database which can be incrementally updated as new log files arrive, and old data can be periodically expired from the database. Very comprehensive analysis with drilldown and filtering capabilities. Has a reputation for being slow with large log files.
Cost: $99 for an individual, $399 for a small organization, and between $1 and $4 per domain for an ISP, depending on volume. Large organization (enterprise) pricing is available upon request. Educational users receive a 75% discount. Pricing details


Fast, free web server log file analysis program. Produces detailed, configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. The recommended way to get The Webalizer running on your system is to compile it yourself, from source.
Cost: Free

Web Trends Log Analyzer

Entry-level package. Configured for single-server web sites, Log Analyzer produces reports on web site visitor patterns, referring sites, visitor paths, demographics, and more. Log Analyzer presents data, detailed and in-depth, in tabular format with full-color graphs. V8 is easier to use and configure but other analyzers represent better value.
Cost: USD$589.00 for one domain (inc. 12 mos support). Pricing Details

Log file analysis can reveal a wealth of visitor information - choose your web server log file analyzer carefully.

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