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How to increase web traffic with effective site promotion

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A great looking site does not automatically translate into good web traffic.

Substantial advertising campaigns can boost traffic but most advertisers have found that a heavy advertising budget, including brand building advertising, has been very disappointing in terms of the cost of customer acquisition.

Website promotion is the key to web site success. Not only is it essential to supplement advertising campaigns but sites can be successful using web promotion alone, spending little or nothing on advertising.

Methods of promoting websites include:

  1. good rankings with the major search engine for most pages of your site
  2. listings in appropriate categories of the major directories
  3. good rankings in specialized search engines in your field. Many fields of interest now have their own search engines and directories.
  4. ensure all staff use a signature on all their outward e-mails which promotes your website and it's URL
  5. for all newsworthy changes to your website, post the announcement in appropriate news forums, all "announce" newsgroups and special interest newsgroups where your target audiences hang out
  6. post to appropriate mailing lists (listservs)
  7. web classified ads on appropriate classified ad sites
  8. undertake a program to significantly increase the number of websites linking to your site
  9. email specifically targeted audiences with your message
  10. publish a newsletter of interest to subscribers that will encourage them to visit your site
  11. include a "media page" on your web site for press releases, mention of media coverage received, background on your company
  12. issue press releases about newsworthy matters
  13. online advertising as both a method to increase web traffic and to improve links to your site
  14. ensure all company documentation includes the website URL
  15. identify new target audiences and add appropriate pages of interest to them, to your site.

The Internet Marketing Engine can provide guidance as to the most appropriate methods of website promotion and assist in task execution.

Effective website promotion is the key to your success

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