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Analyzing Website Traffic using Web Server Log Files

Websites have a unique advantage over bricks and mortar businesses - a wealth of information about site visitors is automatically captured in the site log files, virtually free. Web server log files are the main source of information on web site user behaviour.

Internet Marketing Engine consultants can help you interpret this information to make sound decisions about site visitors and their behaviour. Focusing on how the visitors arrived at the site and what happened after, enables businesses to make changes to their sites, to improve site visitor experience, increase site traffic and create additional sales.

Log file analysis can be used to:

  1. better understand web site visitor behaviour
  2. improve the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

Information available from log files includes:

  1. how many unique visitors come to a site
  2. from where they come
  3. how users find your site
  4. how long they stay
  5. what they did while they were there
  6. most popular pages
  7. main pages where visitors enter your site
  8. main pages from which visitors exit your site
  9. search terms visitors used to find your site via search engines
  10. visits from search engine indexing robots
  11. visitors' pathways through your site
  12. main referring sites
  13. main referring search engines

Web server log files are the main source of information on web site user behaviour. Of course, e-commerce systems provide log files of buyer behaviour.

We can help you interpret the information from log files, uncover hidden information and make strategically sound marketing and web promotion decisions.

To make sound decisions about your website visitors and their behaviour, contact the Internet Marketing Engine.

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