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Web Site Usability

The objective of most web users is to find useful information quickly. Site features which slow the users ability to find information or undertake transactions, such as bandwidth intensive graphics, irritates them.

Content is king in the user's mind. Users want quality and relevance.

Nielsen web usability studies have found that:

  1. visitors do not read on the web - they scan pages, trying to pick out a few sentences or even parts of sentences to get the information they want
  2. visitors do not like long, scrolling pages - they prefer the text to be short and to the point
  3. visitors detest marketing hype - they prefer factual information. Overly hyped promotional statements eg. "we provide the world's best service" cause users to question the credibility of the site
  4. visitors resent waiting for page downloads - they believe it is a waste of their time
  5. visitors want site information to be organized logically
  6. clarity of information and providing the right amount of it, are very important

Is your site as user friendly as it should be? Is it deterring potential customers from buying? For an independent review of the usability of your site, contact the Internet Marketing Engine.

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