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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your web page analyzer emulate the Google system for ranking search results?

No. Even if we had the programming, financial and computing resources of Google to build an Analyzer that did that, we (like everyone else) still would not know the exact algorithm that Google uses to determine results.

On the other hand, although the free Analyzer doesn't factor in Google PR and inbound links, it does give an excellent insight into what currently is and what isn't important in the various search engines algorithms.

2. How can I use your Analyzer to improve my rankings?

  • Check the keyword structure of your page
  • Check keywords in outbound links
  • Check the relevancy to your page, of a competitor's page that links to your page
  • Check the relevancy to your page, of other pages on your site, that link to your page
  • Check the relevancy of competitors pages
  • Check the relevancy of pages that link to your competitors

The Analyzer shows you all this and more.


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