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Explanation of Stop Words and Short Words Lists

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Notes re calculations

All words of html code are excluded from word counts and thus excluded from the calculations

Stop Words:

These are common words which are ignored by most search engines eg. the, a, and, they, this. We give your four options, in relation to Stop Words (click the appropriate radio button):
1. Exclude Stop Words, using our Default Stop Word list
2. Exclude Stop Words, using our Enhanced Stop Word list
3. Include Stop Words in the results - i.e. include all words in the results - do not exclude Stop Words
4. Exclude Stop Words, using your own Stop Word list - add your Stop Words to the box

Short Words:

As specified by you, in the options. "Words" of one letter eg "I" are automatically excluded but you can opt to exclude words of two letters too. We generally choose this option. We find that the only time we need to exclude words of one only letter is when eg the client has a 2 letter "brand name" on a page eg "GE"

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