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OAC's Keywords-on-Page Analyzer analyzes the structure of keywords on a web page. The purpose of the analyzer is to help webmasters produce search engine friendly pages.  You should write each page for your real audience - i.e. your visitors, then use the Page Analyzer to check that your keywords are where search engines expect to find them. Search Engines use many measurements when determining rankings (Google uses approximately 100) some of which we don't know and for the rest, we don't know the relative importance of each. Their measurement system is known as an algorithm. See the Analyzer Help & FAQs page for more information about search engine algorithms.

The Analyzer approximates some of the page keyword ranking measurements search engines use, but not all. Also, different search engines use some of the measurements but not all and in addition, assign different levels of importance to each measurement. Furthermore, they change the level of importance of the measurements, relative to each other frequently, to keep search engine optimizers from dominating the results pages of their search engine.

We hope you find this tool useful for both analyzing your own pages and those of competitors. Remember, write your page content for your visitors, then use the Analyzer to check the page. Being #1 is a waste of time if nearly 100% of your visitors never buy because your page content is unfriendly to them.

Please ensure you enter the full URL, including directory name (if applicable) and page name.  Note that with redirects, you may find you need to use the URL of the destination page, not the initial URL.  For framed pages, only one of the frames can be analyzed, at a time.  Use the URL of the framed content, not the master 'frameset' URL to see an analysis of the main page content.

URL  to be analyzed (enter a complete URL, including the http://)


Count Options

Click for Help and Definitions of the terms and abbreviations we have used.

The following are all automatically included in the measurement and calculations performed by the analyzer.  If you wish to exclude one of these from the keywords calculations, then you need to check the box.

Title: Exclude      
Domain Name: Exclude      
Path or File Name: Exclude      
Meta Description: Exclude      
Meta Keywords: Exclude      
H1: Exclude      
H2: Exclude      
H3-6: Exclude      
First Sentence: Exclude      
Bold or Strong: Exclude      
Italics: Exclude      
Image Alt or Title: Exclude      


As per the practice of search engines, words in our Stopword list are not counted - i.e. they are automatically excluded from the measurement and calculations.  If you wish all words on your page to be counted, then click the radio button to ignore (Do not use) the Stopword list.  Alternatively, if you would like to use your own Stopword list, then click the radio button and paste your Stopword list into the box.

Stop Words:
Short Words:


Report Options

We automatically display the actual words used in each of the elements and attributes, in addition to the statistics. If you don't wish to see the keywords in one or more of the following page elements, you need to uncheck the appropriate boxes.

Words in:

Title: Display   Display ALL
Domain Name: Display      
Path or File Name: Display      
Meta Description: Display      
Meta Keywords: Display      
H1: Display      
H2: Display      
H3-6: Display      
First Sentence: Display      
Bold or Strong: Display      
Italics: Display      
Image Alt: Display      
All Words: Display      
All Unique Words: Display      
All Short Words: Display      
All Stop Words: Display      
Unique Words excl. Short Words and Stop Words: Display      
Links: Display      
Theme: Display      

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